It is unfortunate that within the SEO and Internet Marketing industry in general that there is no standardized body for monitoring and regulating practices. Especially given the plethora of con-artists, snake-oil salesman and irresponsible practitioners whom cause more damage than good.

As a necessity we stand-by and adhere to the following:

1) Implement legitimate SEO practices only which promote your site and rankings and are within the terms and conditions of search engines such as Google, Yahoo & Bing and under legal means only.

2) We aim to provide the highest level of customer service and will act only in the best interests of the clients business.

3) We wil not engage in any practices which could impact the business reputation and brand as well as activities which may place the clients website at jeopardy. This includes the following which are regarded as unethical and unacceptable:

  • Hidden text/links
  • link farms
  • cloaking
  • keyword stuffing
  • blog/comment spam
  • duplicate content on multiple domains
  • fake information
  • doorway pages
  • garbage text pages
  • brand jacking
  • scraping
  • copyright violation/plagiarism
  • unauthorized software

In addition to any other technique which are deemed to be black-hat and deceitful which is either not mentioned above or are new and emerging.

4) All information with regards to client business and work undertaken is kept strictly confidential.

5) We will only provide sound realistic advice backed up by research and analysis and we will not provide any unrealistic promises on what is achievable for your business.

6) We will not provide misleading representation of our work, our services and results which are achieved.

7) We will work to our best of abilities to increase customer website rankings, traffic and profits in ensuring that the customer return on investment (ROI) is far greater than ever expected.